AGM Notice-2008






 RESOLVED THAT society maintenance charges + Sinking & Repair fund will be collected together w.e.f. 1st Oct 08 with following details : 

(a) 1 BHK flats : Rs. 900 (fixed) + 250 = 1, 150 Per Month          (48 flats)               =  55, 200 Rs.

(b) 2 BHK flats : Rs. 900 (fixed) + 350 = 1, 250 Per Month           (224 flats)            =  2, 80, 000 Rs.

(c) 3 BHK flats : Rs. 900 (fixed)+ 500 = 1, 400  Per Month          (136 flats)             =  1, 90, 400 Rs.

(d) Row Houses : Rs.800 (fixed)+ 950 = 1, 750 Per Month         (41 Row Houses)  =  71, 750 Rs.

Total Fixed Charges Collection/PM = Rs. 4, 00,000/-

Total Sinking & Repair Fund Collection/PM = Rs.1, 97, 350/-

Grand Total /PM = Rs.5,97,350/-


Based on the actual Maintenance expenses for the last 6 months we have arrived at the projected budget of Rs.3, 99, 525/- Per Month. 

As per the suggestion made by the members in last SGM we have arrived at equally distributed maintenance charges irrespective of the flat size. Only Row houses get a reduction because of the Lift expenses, as it is irrelevant to them and Bye law no.69.4 states that they should be exempted from it. 

The Sinking & Repair Fund is distributed based on Average Sq.ft area of each type of tenement. 

Non-occupied and Rented flats will need to pay 10% extra on maintenance charges only. 

Minimum balance Rs.5000/- to be maintained per tenement.


Till now there was no collection of Sinking & Repair fund. MC discussed this issue and is of opinion that Sinking & Repair fund must be collected to take care of common costs like building painting, structural changes etc. Also, Sinking Fund is a statutory requirement and if not collected, there are high chances of authorized administrator again taking over society management.   

MC recommends collection of Sinking & Repair Fund to the tune of Rs. 24 Lacs per annum. Though this results in lower collections than actually required, MC is proposing this, so that we kick start Sinking & Repair fund collection.

MC would like to reassure members that this additional collection will be properly managed and reflected in monthly statements of funds, which is already being circulated. 



RESOLVED THAT late payment by members will attract penalty Rs. 100 per month. If dues are so high that Rs.100 / month is less than interest @18% per annum, then 18% / annum interest will be charged, rounded up to next Rs.100.  


It is observed that many members don't pay dues in time. MC requests members to pay all dues in time so as to reduce administrative overload and ensure smooth cash flow which is must for proper functioning of the society.



RESOLVED THAT budget of Rs. 4 Lacs per month expenditure as per mentioned details is approved and Managing Committee is authorized to perform all society related functions within the approved Budget. 



RESOLVED THAT maintenance charges be paid on Quarterly basis. Due date would be 15th of the starting month of quarter, for July to Sep is 15th July, Oct to Dec is 15th Oct.......



RESOLVED THAT C & D Phase members / tenants should pay their dues towards common amenities expenditure by 14th Aug 08. Else Management Committee is authorized to take whatever action deemed necessary. 


C&D members have to bear part of common expenses like club house, pool maintenance etc. We have raised a bill for Rs. 7.26 Lacs till Mar 08. This is still under discussion / settlement with builder and C&D Adhoc committee. 



RESOLVED THAT Management committee be and is hereby authorized to spend up to a maximum of Rs. 3 Lacs for creating one more sump behind A2 and A3 building to attempt to solve the water supply related issues.


There is general shortage of corporation water supply. This is because our current tank's pipeline has numerous bends (PCMC cites this as main reason for shortage in water supply) and therefore there is difficulty in getting sufficient level to fill the overhead tanks. This leads to water shortages resulting in requirement of extra water tankers and huge expenses for the same. 

Behind A2 and A3 building there is a sump which was originally constructed by builder but never used. We can repair and reuse this sump for better and more efficient water storage and distribution. 

Location of this tank is closer to PCMC main water pipeline and will not have too many bends. This will help us reduce water tanker expenses. 



RESOLVED THAT the books of Accounts until 31 Mar 2008, as audited, be and is hereby formally adopted


There were incomplete accounts statements earlier. After taking charge, the current MC got together all the documents and successfully compiled full accounting records from Mar 2005 till 31 Mar 08.Accounts have also been audited. The certificate from auditor is attached.



RESOLVED THAT if there are individuals who, out of personal enmity, files legal case against any of the members, who served/serving as Managing Committee member, following actions will be taken: (a) The society shall bear all related expenses towards the legal for the committee member. Later if committee member is found guilty on the allegation, the amount spent will be recovered from the committee member and necessary action will be taken against him/her. (b) If an allegation turns out to be false, such member who filed the case shall bear all expenses and he/she will also be expelled from the society.


MC members are selflessly devoting time and efforts to manage activities of our large society and on top of this if there is harassment like lodging frivolous complaints etc. it is not good. MC members want to build a general awareness of such things going on in society.



RESOLVED THAT K B Bidgar be and is herby appointed as Auditor for the society for 2008-09 and will continue to hold this position until replaced by any other Auditor.



RESOLVED THAT Society will only take care of the seepage problems caused due to cracks in the external walls of the building. Any internal leakages should be handled by the respective flat owner.


Projected Monthly Budget until next AGM/SGM


Expense Particulars


Per Month

Electricity expenses

Rs. 110000 per month - based on past expenses

1, 10, 000


Based on past expenses…Rs.50000 pm * 1.5 for betterment

75, 000


Lift : 250000, Tank cleaning Rs.16000, Trolleys : 10000, Motor/electrical : 100000, carpentry : 12000

33, 000

Housekeeping expenses

Based on past expenses … Rs.32000 ….betterment

50, 000


Based on anticipation. Past expense is Rs. 40000 per month ( Per tanker Rs. 700 )

54, 000

Pool Maintenance

Based on past expenses

11, 000

Salary of office staff

Per month salary Rs. 4500 + bonus. 2 persons. Rs.12000 per month * 13 month including bonus


Salary of driver

Per month salary Rs. 4500 + bonus. (earlier Rs. 3800 )

4, 875

Salary of gardener

Per month salary Rs. 4500 + bonus.

5, 000

Diesel for Generator

Variable, depending on power supply…Rs.7000/mth

7, 000




Diesel for bus

=26km+14km = 40km/day * 6 days + 26km * 1 day = 14000km/annum. 6km/litre. Rs.40/litre.

7, 800

Expenses on bus

Road tax + insurance + vehicle maintenance : Rs. 75000/year - based on anticipation

6, 250


Variable, depending on repairs. Based on last 6 months, per month comes to Rs.3500

3, 500


Based on past expenses

2, 500


Based on past expenses

2, 000


photocopying, chairs hiring’s, printing stationery etc.

1, 000

Gym maintenance

On anticipation basis

2, 000

pest control

Anticipated Rs.12000 per year (including removal of hives etc.)

1, 000

CAPEX purchase / repairs

Purchase of cupboards, pumps, pipes, repairs to swimming pool  etc.

2, 000

Auditor expenses

Rs 2000 / month

2, 000

Consultant fees

Rs 2000 / month

2, 000

Various events

Ganpati, Navratri, 15th Aug, 26 Jan + sports, new year, AGM

3, 000


Insurance of all buildings ( appr Rs. 60000 per annum )

5, 000


Rs. 5000 / month

5, 000

Income Particulars


Per Month

Income from bus service

Pimpri 6 persons per trip

-8, 400



3, 99, 525