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Do's & Dont's


1.    Taking Ownership
  • Owners should take full responsibility of their flats, allotted parking zones, visiting guests and family members.
    • Tenants should take responsibility of their vehicles, family members and / or visiting guests.
  • Owners leasing/renting out their flats, should be responsive to society needs and take responsibility of the tenants' conduct. Owners should get NOC from society before renting / leasing to tenants.
2. Watchful & Observant
  • We cannot solely depend on security team for the security of society, if members are watchful and observant towards the various happening and activities within their respective buildings and/or society premises and take care or report to security or society office, it would improve the security of society.
  • Society office has employed security personnel for keeping a check, but a vigilant resident can certainly add more value.
3. Assist Society Office by Volunteering Participate in community program (s) & initiatives

Pay society charges before due date


1.    Noise Pollution

2.    Violating rule

3.    Littering

4.    Speeding

5.    Misbehaving