Process to Obtain NOC for Sale of Flat

Process to Obtain NOC for Sale of Flat from Society Office

1.     Current Owner of the flat applies for NOC for sale to secretory mentioning reason for the sale and name of the proposed buyer in writing.

2.     In case current owner is not residing in Pune, the written application can be sent on following address.

Kunal Icon Society office,
B8 Building,
Kunal Icon,
Pimple Saudagar,
Pune - 411027

3.    Proposed Buyer submits Declaration of Undertaking (attached) on 100 rupees stamp paper and notarized.

4.    Proposed Buyer submits the required NOC format duly filled in electronic format. ( Each bank has different format, this format needs to be obtained by the bank            once decided upon lending bank.)

5.    The NOC charges of 25,000/- can be paid by either buyer or seller as per agreement their agreement.

6.    Once all these documents are submitted to society office, NOC would be issued in next 2-5 days based on availability of signing authority.

7.     Once Sale deed is executed, buyer and now new owner of the flat needs to apply for society membership. On these forms as well consent of previous owner is             needed. These forms needs to be submitted with copy of sale deed and share certificate in original. ( For CD wing share certificate are not issued as of now,                 hence only copy of sale deed.)

8.    Within next 15-30 days, new member would get the confirmation and get share certificate (if submitted) with updated owner name at back of side of the certificate.

Kunal Icon MC,
Oct 15, 2013, 3:05 PM