Tenant NOC Process and Forms

Please Note: Through the resolution no 9 passed in the AGM 2015, Group Accommodation Is Banned In KICHS.

Following documents are need to issue Tenant NOC.

1.      Completed NOC Form, The form can be obtained from Society office by paying Rs 25/-  or printout of the electronic form can be taken by owner / tenant

2.      Identification Proof of Tenant ( In case of group, ID proof of each Tenant)

3.      Leave and license agreement

4.      Police verification

For Tenants already living in Kunal Icon but NOT obtained NOC so far

Existing tenant already living in Kunal Icon should arrange for all required document and submit them to society office before 15th Nov 2013. The NOC would be issues within 7 working days.

For new Tenants coming to Kunal Icon society

The new tenants should obtain the society NOC before moving in to Kunal Icon. For some reason if they can’t have all documents before moving in, document no 1-2 should be submitted to society office and a provisional NOC for 15 days would be issues. The owner / tenant needs to submit other document before provisional NOC expires without fail.

Guidelines to fill up the form

1.      Authorization Form – To be filled in by owner if not present in Pune and the process would be completed by owner’s representative.

2.      Tenant NOC Application for Sub-letting Flat / Row House – To be filled by owner/s or representative

3.      Tenant information form and contact details – To be filled by tenant/s

4.      Tenant consent form - To be filled by tenant/s

5.      Vehicle Sticker Request / Detail Form – New tenant apply for new stickers , old tenant/s provide information about their vehicles and issues sticker number for the same

6.      APPENDIX – 11 – To be filled in by tenant in duplicate, in case of a group each tenant needs to fill the form, cost 100 rupees per person

7.      Tenant NOC Status Sheet – This form should be attached with application and should be kept blank.

8.      TENANT NOC – This form should be filled by owner / tenant with tenant details. Other sections should be kept blank.

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